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PF Replacer

SKU: 4068
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PF Replacer is a potato flour replacer. Two pounds of potato flour can be replaced with one pound of PF Replacer

Inhibitor C X2

SKU: 4072
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Brolite’s Inhibitor C X2 is a cultured product that naturally produces propionic acid. Used at 1-3%, Inhibitor C X2 acts as a great clean label and non GMO mold inhibitor in baked goods.


SKU: 3245
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CLEAR EG is a powdered egg blend designed for the replacement of whole eggs in bakery products.


SKU: 4147
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HUEVO NS is designed to completely replace whole eggs - fresh, frozen or powdered. HUEVO NS can be used as a total whole egg replacer in breads, sweet doughs, bagels and cookies. HUEVO NS can also partially replace whole eggs in cakes (up to 30%).


SKU: 4029
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A label friendly blend of enzymes that economically replaces vital wheat gluten on a pound for pound basis. Packed in a 50lb. multi walled paper bag.


SKU: 4180
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A versatile and flavorful rye bread base that produces a variety of rye breads and rolls. Packed in a 50 lb. multi walled paper bag.