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Our Company

Brolite...the perfect blend. Combining cutting edge technology with the art of old world baking.

Brolite is a leading manufacturer of high quality baking ingredients. Founded over 83 years ago, we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality products and service. We are more than just a business, we partner with our customers, and together we make the best baked goods in America.
Our company started in 1928 when we began manufacturing natural sours and butter cultures. Our rich traditions have grounded this company in service and consistent quality, while our innovative nature helps us thrive. We are always ready to meet customer needs with an incredible turnaround- creating specialty blends and unique flavors to meet the ever changing demands and expanding palates of the whole-sale baking market.

We offer more than service and quality though. We offer expertise. Our sales staff isn’t just repeating the high marks from our quality control testing. Our staff is speaking from experience. We’re all bakers at Brolite. Each person here has used these ingredients in their own creations, which means we are uniquely qualified to assist bakeries craft perfect artisan breads, tasty rolls and sweet goods.

We are committed to helping create the most delicious and coveted specialty blends around the country. And we have a passionate staff to help us realize our dream. When it comes to the highest quality ingredients for commercial bakers, Brolite is the number one choice.

Innovation. Quality. Pride. It’s who we are, and why we do what we do.