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Downloadable PDF: Dough ImproversAt Brolite, traditional baking skills are combined with modern innovation and advanced technologies to create a consistent and reliable dough. Our dough conditioners and improvers work to solve even the most difficult modern baking challenges.

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PDC .5

SKU: 4503
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PDC.5 is a natural no-time dough conditioner


SKU: 6627
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PROLONG S is designed to increase the softness of yeast raised goods


SKU: 4212
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A Bromate Free no time dough conditioner that has excellent volume and keeping qualities with excellent handling characteristics. Works well in any rye or multigrain hearth bread. Use 3-10% based on flour weight. Packed in a 50 lb. multi walled paper bag.

SFW 125

SKU: 4042
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SFW 125 is a very concentrated “GMO FREE” natural dough conditioner that provides strength as well as volume in bakery products. Use 2 to 2.5 ounces to 100 pounds of flour. Packed in a 50 lb. multi walled paper bag.


SKU: 6433
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SPECIAL BROSOFT 126 is a powdered emulsifier that contains both softening and strengthening characteristics to provide optimum volume, strong side walls, fine grain, tenderness, and extended freshness and shelf life. Use 1% to flour weight. Packed in a 50 lb. multi walled paper bag.


SKU: 4255
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SPICE PLUS is a blend of natural spices and extracts, converted into a free flowing, powdered product that imparts a golden yellow color.